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Italy's Ministry of Economic Development has issued a decree authorising state-owned nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management company Sogin to begin phase one of decommissioning the Latina nuclear power plant in Lazio, south of Rome.

The Latina plant, a 153-MW Magnox graphite gas
The International Atomic Energy Agency's newly-published Harmonised Safety Culture Model describes the traits and attributes that are observed when a strong culture for safety is present. The model, it says, is a comprehensive tool intended for all organisations that deal directly or indirectly with
The IAEA has so far delivered more than 250 consignments to 80 countries with supplies to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, with many more to be shipped in the coming days and weeks. The IAEA assistance includes equipment and expertise to help laboratories around the world step up testing as
Japan Atomic Energy Agency has today received permission from the Nuclear Regulation Authority to make changes to the reactor installation of the High-Temperature Test Reactor in conformity with revised safety requirements. This marks the first time a restart permission has been granted for a Japane
The European nuclear industry has written an open letter to the European Commission, saying it is ready to play an important part in supporting a low-carbon economic revival. The letter, addressed to EC President Ursula von der Leyen, European Parliament President David Maria Sassoli and European Co
The reactor pressure vessel has been removed from the Bohunice-1 nuclear power plant in Slovakia, a decommissioning milestone that means remote dismantling of the facility can begin.

The metal RPV, with a weight of almost 200 tonnes and a height of 11 metres, was lifted from its concrete shield
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So far, the IAEA has delivered 250+ consignments to 80 countries with supplies to help fight against the #COVID19 p……
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