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Nuclear Netherlands unites the six most important nuclear companies and organizations in the Netherlands
COVRA, EPZ, NRG, PALLAS, Reactor Instituut Delft and Urenco
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Today several countries have networks of atomic clocks that are kept synchronized to maintain a stable time scale.
@IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
Ten years later Louis Essen and Jack Parry designed and built the world's first caesium atomic clock at the Nationa……
@IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
Oude Franse kerncentrales gaan dankzij extra onderhoud en aanpassingen veel langer mee dan was voorzien. In plaats……
@De Atoom Alliantie
#NuclearPower can play an important role in the clean energy transition.

Register for next week's two-day joint……
The Onkalo site is a game changer for the future of ⚛️ nuclear energy, a reliable source of low carbon energy sourc……
Drip irrigation technologies have contributed to an increase in crop yields of 60% in this internally displaced cam……
@IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
#NuclearPower has a significant role to play in decarbonizing the energy sector. That was a 🗝️conclusion of the……
'Nederland moet voldoen aan het nieuwe Europese doel van 55 procent' – kent u die uitdrukking, zou dominee Gremdaat……
@Remco de Boer
Interessant stuk in Kernvisie Magazine over de drijvende kerncentrales van het Deense Seaborg. Lees hier 👉……
@De Atoom Alliantie