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Nuclear Netherlands unites the seven most important nuclear companies and organizations in the Netherlands
COVRA, EPZ, NRG, PALLAS, Reactor Instituut Delft, Urenco and SHINE.
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De financieringssystemen voor ontmanteling en beheer van radioactief afval zijn over het algemeen toereikend. Maar er liggen nog grote uitdagingen in het verschiet, waaronder het feit dat sommige regeringen en critici twijfel uiten over de duurzaamheid van kernenergie op lange termijn, zo is in een
The US Food and Drug Administration has approved NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC's process to produce molybdenum-99 from concentrated Mo-98 and related software upgrades for its RadioGenix System technetium-99m generator. This will significantly increase US production and capacity for non-urani
Fighting the tsetse fly using irradiation involves rearing and then releasing in the environment sterile male flies to mate with wild females producing no offspring, reducing the population over time.
The first safety-related concrete has been poured for the nuclear island of unit 1 at the San'ao nuclear power plant in Zhejiang province, China General Nuclear has announced. A total of six Chinese-designed Hualong One pressurised water reactors are planned for the site.
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