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Nuclear technology is very important for our health. The use of radioactivity and radiation in the treatment of various cancers increases survival...

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We are following the recent developments surrounding Ukraine’s nuclear facilities with concern. Our website features nuclear news about...

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Radioactive waste

There are lots of industries that produce radioactive waste. We know about nuclear power plants, but there are a lot more companies that produce...

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Working in the industry

Nuclear Netherlands unites the most important nuclear companies and organizations in the Netherlands: EPZ, COVRA, NRG | PALLAS, Reactor Institute...

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Safety and security

By safety we mean that working with radioactive systems and materials must be safe. We ensure that these operations are always conducted in a...

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Nuclear fission is an important source of energy. Worldwide, about ten percent of all electricity comes from nuclear power plants. In Europe, it is...

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Innovation is in full swing within the nuclear industry. Researchers are constantly looking for such things as better fuels for power plants, more...

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Wilhelm Röntgen (1845-1923) discovered active radiation in the late nineteenth century. His name still lives on in medical applications: the x-ray....

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Nuclear fission produces heat that can be used as a source of energy. For example, to generate electricity, but you can also use it to produce...

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