Borssele nuclear power plant

The Netherlands has one working nuclear power plant, it is located in Borssele and belongs to EPZ. This plant has a net capacity of 485 MW. That is enough power for a sizable city, including streetcars, trains and a sizable airport. The nuclear power plant has been in operation since 1973 and is adapted to the latest technology every ten years. An independent commission ensures that the nuclear power plant remains in the top 25 percent safest nuclear power plants in the Western world.


Uranium enrichment

Enriched uranium is essential for nuclear power production. Urenco is the largest Western supplier of enriched uranium. During enrichment, uranium gas is separated by ultracentrifuges into light Uranium-235 and heavy Uranium-238 particles. This advanced technology allows Urenco to increase the percentage of uranium-235 in natural uranium from 0.3 to about 4%. Enough to start a natural chain reaction in a nuclear power plant. This releases heat, which is then used to heat water and produce steam. The generated steam drives turbines that generate CO-2 free electricity.

Nucleair worldwide

Energy is essential for sustainable economic growth and human well-being. Nuclear energy provides access to clean, reliable and affordable energy, making it an important part of the global energy mix. Its use is therefore expected to increase in the coming decades. Developments such as small modular reactors (SMRs) and thorium reactors can also make an important contribution to climate and prosperity in the future. Nuclear power now provides about 10% of the world’s electricity, from about 440 power plants.