EPZ is the operator of the only nuclear power plant in the Netherlands: Borssele nuclear power plant.


The Central Organisation For Radioactive Waste (COVRA) is the only company in the Netherlands tasked with collecting, processing and storing all radioactive waste.

TU Delft Reactor Institute

The TU Delft Reactor Institute (RID) at Delft University of Technology, together with the Radiation, Science & Technology Department, has been the Dutch centre of excellence for radiation-related research and education for more than 60 years.


NRG is a global leader in the production of medical isotopes.


PALLAS is the new medical isotope reactor that will replace the High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten. The arrival of the PALLAS reactor will allow the Netherlands to continue to help millions of people over the next 50 years.


Urenco Netherlands enriches uranium for customers around the world.


SHINE aims to lead the transformation to a world where nuclear fusion provides clean, abundant and commercially viable energy, while solving problems in industrial production, healthcare and nuclear waste.

Did you know this?

  • EPZ operates our only nuclear power plant in Borssele and it ranks among the world’s top powerplants in terms of safety. The KCB is on the list of 25% safest water-cooled plants in the Western world.
  • URENCO in Almelo is one of the largest suppliers of enriched uranium for fuel to nuclear power plants.
  • The Delft University of Technologie, with its Higher Education Reactor, is part of the global chain for fundamental and applied neutron research.
  • COVRA in Vlissingen provides a unique and safe way to store radioactive waste.
  • For the production of both diagnostic and therapeutic medical isotopes, SHINE uses an innovative accelerator technology developed in-house.
  • PALLAS is building a “state of the art” multifunctional nuclear reactor suitable for medical isotope production and conducting nuclear technology research.
  • NRG’s High Flux Reactor in Petten is one of the world’s largest suppliers of raw materials for cancer treatment.