Key recommendations

The report’s recommendations are aimed at the nuclear sector, the educational sector and the government. In doing so, we want to contribute to the conversation about the further development of an attractive and dynamic labor market. We would like to enter into discussions with relevant organizations and governments about the role we can and want to play.

  • Search with the government for a form of organization to prepare now for new nuclear installations and related labor market challenges.
  • Explore at MBO and HBO level with the nuclear sector opportunities for specialized apprenticeships at nuclear organizations in the region.
  • Develop, together with the industry and the educational institutions, a program or action plan to build capacity within the nuclear sector.
  • Such an action plan should ensure that Dutch industry can also contribute to and benefit from the construction of new nuclear facilities.

Did you know....?

More than 1,500 people work in the Dutch nuclear industry. In addition, the sector provides thousands of jobs far beyond its national borders among suppliers and users of its end products. With its many spinn-offs and high-tech applications, it is an innovative and dynamic sector. We provide knowledge, services and products that society desperately needs. Think for example of medical knowledge and medicines, electricity, material knowledge and analysis and detection methods for numerous fields of work. Moreover, the Dutch nuclear sector has a unique position: we represent almost the entire production chain for nuclear medicines. From the production of medical isotopes to the safe disposal of radioactive waste.

job vacancies in our industry

The Central Organization for Radioactive Waste (COVRA) is the only company in the Netherlands tasked with collecting, processing and storing all radioactive waste. All companies in the Netherlands with a license under the Nuclear Energy Act are required to submit their radioactive waste to COVRA. COVRA is a compact organization. This means that many individuals have multiple roles and several departments consist of one or two people. On the one hand, this is (cost) efficient and offers employees an exciting and broad range of challenges, but it also means that, on the other hand, extra attention is needed to safeguard knowledge and skills so that the capacity, continuity and flexibility of operations are not negatively affected.

job vacancies at the COVRA

EPZ's motto is Constantly Improving! The bar is always a little higher. Hence the nuclear power plant continues to play in the premier league. EPZ and their colleagues are working hard to achieve excellence. That is the highest attainable level in the world of nuclear energy. Working at EPZ means contributing to the realization of energy transition. Feasible, affordable and climate neutral.

job vacancies at EPZ

At NRG | PALLAS you will be doing important work, but in a sector that is always under a magnifying glass. You have to be able to withstand that. But we give you plenty of freedom and responsibility to do your work in an entrepreneurial way. You even get literal space, at our special locations in the middle of the dunes of Petten, near Alkmaar or in the woodlands surrounding Arnhem.

job vacancies at NRG | PALLAS

At the Energy & Health Campus in the dunes of Petten, just 60 km from Amsterdam, a new nuclear facility is being built. You can be part of the team responsible for this new building, as well as the largest nuclear organization in the Netherlands. With more than 60 years of experience and colleagues from more than 20 countries. Never a dull moment and endless opportunities to learn, grow and develop.

job vacancies at PALLAS

Working at Urenco. That means a unique job at a unique company. Urenco is the hub of a global clean energy generation network. With their product, enriched uranium, nuclear power plants make CO2-free electricity for 100 million families, businesses and schools. They also enrich stable isotopes used for medical, industrial and research applications. These products are the basis for 2 million cancer treatments per year worldwide, and Urenco is the only Western producer of these products.

job vacancies at Urenco

TU Delft Reactor Institute, together with the Radiation, Science & Technology (RST) department, has been the Dutch knowledge center for radiation-related research and education for more than 60 years. With their knowledge and expertise, they play an important role in fundamental and applied scientific research. Examples include research in the field of solar cells and batteries and medical isotopes for diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The institute has a unique research facility: the HOR nuclear reactor. This is a small pole-type research reactor (2 MW). The reactor is not built to produce electrical energy, but is a source of neutrons and positrons for research purposes. They also have radiochemical laboratories.

job vacancies at Reactor Institute Delft

SHINE stands out from other fusion companies because they have brought fusion to market and are going to scale this technology. While many chase the dream of overcoming the barriers of fusion energy all at once, SHINE remains grounded in a practical, scalable approach to developing revolutionary fusion technology.Help them make history by using fusion technology to create a safer, healthier and cleaner world. The solution starts at SHINE.

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