Climate change

At the 2015 Paris climate conference, United Nations nations agreed to combat climate change and control greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement set an upper limit of 2 degrees of mondial warming compared to the pre-industrial era. In addition, it agreed to limit warming to 1.5 degrees.

Because nuclear power plants emit very little CO2, they contribute to the fight against climate change. Worldwide, about ten percent of all electricity comes from nuclear power plants. In Europe it is about a quarter. In the Netherlands, the share of nuclear energy is about four percent of total consumption in the Netherlands.

Radioactive waste

In the Netherlands, COVRA handles the processing and storage of Dutch radioactive waste. All radioactive waste is safely stored by COVRA for at least one hundred years in specially designed buildings. The waste is isolated at a central location where it can be controlled and monitored, ensuring safety over that long period. Eventually, the waste must be placed in a final disposal facility. This ensures that the waste will still be out of human life space thousands of years from now